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Since our inception, Go Green Pallet has tried to live up to our mission statement that if it’s good for the environment, it’s good for our customers, and good for us. To that end, we established our Wood Resources Division.  The Wood Resources Division grinds unusable wood material from broken pallets and dunnage into a usable wood chip that can be sold for animal bedding, composting, and soil stabilization purposes as well as many other uses.


Our Wood Resources Division makes us a strong partner to your company for many reasons. Extending the lifecycle of the wood pallet into wood chip or mulch is the environmentally responsible thing to do. In addition, this significantly reduces disposal fees as well as the cost of transportation. This allows us to take that out of the pallet pricing equation, thereby keeping your costs as competitive as possible.  By preserving our natural resources through reuse and recycling, we’re also preserving your natural resources. At Go Green Pallet, old pallets, odd pallets, and pallet parts take on a new life in the form of wood chips and mulch.
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