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In certain circumstances, plastic pallets may make more sense for your business!  They are an alternative to wood pallets and can be more bacteria-resistant and water-resistant, which makes them easy to wash and easy to reuse. Though we typically do not have moisture problems in Colorado, plastic pallets do not absorb humidity. They are one of the safest choices for transporting products that must remain dry, such as paper products, cement and certain bagged chemicals.



  • Long-term structural stability when used in an in-house capacity

  • Easy to store, especially nested versions designed to save space

  • Automatically complies with the ISPM 15 Standards

  • Enhanced safety (for people and products) due to lack of sharp edges, nails or splinters


Plastic pallets may be the investment that makes the most sense for your business.  We typically have a supply of recycled plastic pallets on hand. To find the pallet solution that best fits your business, give Go Green Pallet a call we will assist you in finding the best solution for your companies needs.

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