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CUSTOM PALLETS – Built to your specs

We realize that sometimes the standard size pallet just is not going to work for every application and that’s just fine. At Go Green Pallet we routinely design and build custom pallets that can move your product safely and more efficiently.

There are many reasons a custom pallet design may be the best fit for your business. When a pallet properly supports your product, it may be possible to lower the cost of shipping and your product. A quality pallet, designed specifically for your products, places less material in the waste stream by making the most efficient use of space. Less equipment, reduced shipping costs, better product support, and reduced packing material are just a few of the reasons custom pallets may be the right choice for your business.


Our pallet consultants with over 25 years in pallet design can use our Computerized Pallet Design System to create a totally new pallet or redesign an existing one to meet your specific needs. Whether handed down from headquarters or mandated by your customers, our custom pallets will meet your requirements. 

We then have the option of choosing specific materials.  We can build from all new wood or all recycled wood which can create a significant cost savings.  Frequently we use a combination of new and used wood giving you the best of both worlds, a cost-effective product that looks brand new.

When it comes to meeting specific pallet requirements, Go green Pallet is the right company for you. We’ve built custom pallets for a vast array of businesses and industries all over Colorado. If you need custom wood pallets, let our design team create exactly what your business needs!


Contact us today to get started.

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